The LeanStock Scheduler is designed to enable detail scheduling of constrained resources using detailed production data generally downloaded from MRP, but can be entered directly into the Scheduler worksheets. The simple interfaces provided by this Excel based tool allow for rapid loading and planning of the resource in the form of a visual Gantt and also a matching Work To list.

The basic data requirements to drive the scheduling are Resource details, Routings, and Work Orders planned around a detailed work pattern calendar.

Planning options within the tool allow for planning options including:

The work can be sequenced using a number of automated and manual levers including simple due date, or a more sophisticated priority sequencing based on MTO/MTS, Safety Stock to Stock ratio and date priority. Any sequence can be manually adjusted before presenting to the shop floor for execution.

Contact us to discuss your Scheduling requirements and the use of the LeanStock Scheduler as part of your manufacutring improvement program.

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