As an additional aid to monitoring the progress of ongoing business improvements a set of reports provide insight into the business progress. The primary driver for the reports and charts is the delivery performance of demand within and organisation, this could take the form of Sales Orders, Works Orders or Purchase Orders.

The reports include:

All the reports can be filtered to look at all Items or only those belonging to a specific Item, Resource, Customer, Supplier or any other supplied filter category.

On Time In Full (OTIF)

The OTIF report compares the required due date for each demand and compares it with the delivery achieved. It uses the early, late or on-time status of each demand to review the delivery performance over time. this can be done in time buckets of months, weeks or days to allow for drilling into the performance detail. The graph below is a weekly OTIF report.

Open/Incomplete Orders

For demands that are not complete, this could be that they are still work in progress, not delivered by supplier or awaiting shipment, the report provides a visual review of how overdue those demands are in relation to the OTIF report date markers (start and end report dates). A full table of the incomplete orders is also created to provide detail.

Lead Time Analysis

Lead time performance can be reviewed for comparison of the requested or planned lead time against the delivery lead time actually achieved. Using this a more accurate view of achievable and therefore capability to promise lead times can be determined.

Regular early delivery and a trend downwards on lead times achieved would indicate that the lead time promised could be reduced particularly when compared against the standard lead time for that selection.

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