With lengthening supply chains and ever more demanding customers, Sales and Operations Planning has become an essential business tool.

The Reflex planning suite actively drives the S&OP process. Key to this is the routine review of customer demand against supply and resources, re-planning relevant activities across the horizon. Reflex allows you to work with one set of figures that can be cut to suit any department’s view of the business, creating a single plan for future demand, inventory and production. This can be shared throughout your organization, as well as with your customers and suppliers.


An effective S&OP process is key to a world class performance; in fact, Reflex has been designed specifically to support and enhance sophisticated S&OP processes. The benefits to your business are huge. Typically, businesses using S&OP deliver 20% more perfect orders, hold half the inventory, get paid 66% faster, and have a 5% cost advantage against their competitors.


Reflex drives a highly effective alerts system, delivered via the Dashboard with a simple Traffic Light array to highlight key actions to users. And the Dashboard goes further still, helping senior managers to drive improvement into your business, identifying performance variances against budget, analysing revenues and margins, recommending manning levels, identifying poor performing products, and much more.
Reflex DashboardThe Dashboard contains:

  • Exception alerts
  • Traffic light array
  • Sales forecast analysis
  • Financial and budgetary planning
The Reflex Dashboard is essential to identify poor performers with a low Accuracy %. Traffic light colours provide an effective way to display all Red Alerts (thresholds are set by the user). This can be easily analysed by Pareto AB-C classification ensuring your focus on the most important lines.
Additional graphs show the supporting detail to help explain the reasons for each alert. A library of comments or reason codes is provided.At any level in your hierarchy (Business, Channel, Brand, Range, or Territory), the Forecast v Budget gauge will identify significant variances to plan, and then help you drill down to identify the cause. Identifying your best and poorest Margins or Revenues by Region, Channel, Market, Range and Product will make it clear where you should focus your attention.
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