Inventory reduction

In an increasing competitive and collaborative world, leading companies strive to improve operations in order to maximise profits.

To achieve this leading edge solutions are required to tune the operations, reducing costs, improving throughput and above all improving customer satisfaction. Cirrus Supply Chain Limited takes pride in not only on supplying the best logistics and supply chain solutions to market, but also ensuring these solutions are the best fit for our customers needs.

We now develop and supply LeanStock, a suite of Excel based decision support tools, specifically designed for those who have to satisfy customer demand from stock. LeanStock analyses demand, sales or usage history to generate an individual forecast for each item at each location, based on the demand classification automatically assigned by the system. In particular it deploys powerful statistical techniques to check for trend, exceptional demands, seasonality and bias. This forecast, along with an estimate of future demand variability, is then used to calculate an inventory replenishment order designed to enable the specified level of customer service to be achieved. LeanStock is fast, easy to use, Excel based, easily interfaced and deployable rapidly.

As well as this powerful Forecasting and Inventory tool, the LeanStock suite also includes a tools to build multi level data models based on Bill of Materials, Capacity Planning and Resource Scheduling. These tools were designed by consultants working on Lean, TOC and DBR projects to aid the rapid analysis of business issues, and have now been collated and updated to generate a set of spreadsheet tools that can be deployed in minutes in industry, consulting or education environments.

In addition, Cirrus Supply Chain are experts in Reflex Planning and GMDH Streamline solutions providing industry strength and flexible Demand and Supply planning solutions for in-house or cloud based planning solutions covering manufacturing and distribution sectors.

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