handheld deviceWhether you’re an industrial player, a logistics service provider, a wholesaler or distributor and whatever the size of your company, reducing the cost of logistics operations is essential for your profitability.

WMS On Demand is a comprehensive warehouse management service, accessible remotely and invoiced according to use. The solution is a SaaS (Software as a Service) offer and complies with all confidentiality and security criteria demanded by our customers. With WMS On Demand, you can enjoy expert functionalities, without having to worry about the IT side of things. Like all of our collaborative solutions, WMS On Demand offers quick and reliable communication with your customers, principals and carriers, without the need to re-enter data each time.
EDI and integration technologies are embedded. WMS On Demand efficiently and transparently manages exchanges with your application environment and your partners. Fitted with a collaborative portal that your partners, whatever their size, can access via the Web, WMS On Demand facilitates the implementation and roll-out of advanced, bulk or consolidated stock processes.

WMS is the universal warehouse management tool that:

WMS On Demand Benefits:

Warehouse users access WMS On Demand via a simple and secured connection. You can use your application at any time, anywhere in the world.
Without adding any software, stored data follow you everywhere. You can access them 7 days a week round the clock from anywhere (PC, phone…) all you need is an Internet connection!
Your business features seasonal differences?
WMS On Demand can be adapted to your requirements: your business’ peaks and slacks are perfectly absorbed by our infrastructures. 

In software as a service mode, you don’t need to buy any software licence.

You take out a monthly subscription depending on what you need. The contract is based on the number of users and on the number of prepared and dispatched orders per month, this guarantees your peace of mind and gives you a monthly visual of your activities:

You reduce the acquisition and maintenance costs of your WMS and preserve your investment capacities. WMS On Demand provides you with quick return of investment.

Users observe on average:

With WMS On Demand, your structure and IT support costs are minimised.
No server to administrate: the warehouse management software is located on hosted servers. These servers are administrated by our engineers. Our specialised hosting team guarantees operation 7 days a week round the clock.
With WMS On Demand, no more laborious backup procedures at the end of the day! Your information is automatically backed up. Your data are stored, administrated and saved by us on the hosted servers. They are constantly replicated on secured servers, which are geographically separated.
With WMS On Demand, no need to update any software!
When the software evolves, you don’t need to change anything:
automatically and at no extra cost, you benefit from all upgrades and corrective versions.
With WMS On Demand, your teams can focus on their core business: supply chain.

An essential component of the WMS On Demand service, the integration and processing platform ensures perfect communication between warehouse management and Information System.
With the EDI and integration technologies embedded, WMS On Demand reduces your processing time to a minimum. No more laborious data entry or re-entry:
you reduce errors by importing information directly from the source!
Fitted with a collaborative portal that your partners, whatever their size, can access via the Web, WMS On Demand facilitates exchanges with your customers, primary customers and carriers, without re-entering data

To communicate with your other applications, WMS On Demand takes half the time to integrate than a traditional interface.
WMS On Demand benefits from “pack” parameters that can be adapted to your organisational and functional mode.
WMS On Demand is available in 6 different languages.
The installation becomes easier !

Hosted by leading European host and server operators.
This guarantees 7 days a week round the clock secure access to the servers, data protection and security.
Specialists in pooled and in business solutions in ASP and software as a service mode, already serving thousands of companies with hosted mode solutions (portals, shared supply, integration platforms….).
Our processes and organisation are certified ITIL and Sarbanes Oxley standards.


Additional modules and a number or options can be activated or deactivated depending on the field

Multi-modal voice command

The benefits of voice command in the warehouse are recognised on many levels: improved rate of accuracy, up to 99.9%; better productivity: 15 to 25% quicker than a paper solution and 8 to 15% quicker in comparison to an RF terminal solution (non vocal), improved ergonomics and security: eyes and hands free to perform tasks.
The multi-modal tool (bar code scanner, keyboard entry) extends the capacities of vocal equipment. Using voice as the only way of providing information and acquiring data is not suitable for all warehouse activities. Some tasks require the use of a scanner or a keyboard.
The emergence of terminals that consider the voice as one of several user interfaces has allowed the use of this equipment to be extended to other business activities such as inventory taking and order picking.

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