Shippers, distributors and logistics service providers can all benefit from utilising Transportation Management Systems (TMS), optimising and transforming supply chain networks by managing all inbound and outbound transportation processes.

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Cloud-based TMS designed to be at the heart of multi-modal logistics operations connects you in real time to your collaborative logistics network.

TMS can optimise loads, allocate carriers, integrate readily with other systems (EDI) and is fully compliant with international operations.

Transport, which is a mainstay of customer relations, generally tends to be the centre of poorly controlled costs in current logistics organisations.

TMS addresses all common transport issues enabling companies to:

  • Transportation of cargo by lorryImprove on time delivery and customer service through improved real time collaboration with vendors, carriers and customers
  • Increase responsiveness through real-time event monitoring and event management
  • Increase visibility and control over transportation budgets and operations.
  • Increase productivity and decrease administrative fees (follow-up, invoicing, disputes, etc.) through the elimination of manual transportation processes
  • Reduce costs through improved load planning, mode and routing selection, creating the optimal carrier mix based on dynamic routing guides
  • Improved compliance with government trade and security regulations