Online ShoppingThe e-logistics solution not only facilitates start-ups but also supports the roll-out of logistics operations for existing e-commerce retailers.  It allows the business to develop on the Internet, offering a wide range of products and services for delivery, adjust to unpredictable changes in volume, deal with highly seasonal sales profiles, process orders in real time, deliver goods without error and quickly to the place of delivery chosen by the customer while also dealing with the issue of returns. This allows the e-retailer to save time and energy, gain expertise and become fully operational in rapid time by implementing a virtually complete turnkey solution.

The solution utilises the warehouse management and transportation management solutions pre-configured for e-commerce allowing for a rapid integration based on best practice developed in conjunction with other e-commerce practitioners.  The e-logistics solution is built on good business practices acquired by retailers and manufacturers selling on the Internet and by specialist logistics providers.

Processes include:

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The delivered e-logistics solution is supported by business expertise, a guide of good practices and a set of pre-configured processes all designed to ensure that the implementation is delivered in good time and at best value to the retailer.

The solution comes fully integrated to Performance Measurements (KPI Cockpit) for real time monitoring and measurements of key performance indicators with alerts and event management.

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